Information about Shayan resort

Excellent place for rest and recuperation due to the healing properties of the mineral water and life-giving mountain air.

Information about the health resort “Shayan”

The destination of eco-tourism – “Shayan” – it is the pearl of Ukrainian Transcarpathia. Shayan is located not far from the legendary Tysa river, in the most attractive region of Transcarpathia with its unique climate, rich flora and fauna, mixed forests and a large number of mineral water headsprings. 

Shayan is a resort village which is located 15 km from Khust, near the Romanian border, at an altitude of 210 m above sea level, known for its mineral water headsprings. 

There is a legend about the origin of the village:

Once upon a time, evil enemies attacked the village, set fire to houses and killed many people.

And only one family (with the surname Shayan) managed to hide in the woods. The enemies rushed to them and killed firstly the father of the family. Consequently, in the place of his death, a high mountain - Shayan - has grown. An exhausted mother, proecting her son, could not save a guy who was shot by an arrow. Mother put him on the green daisies, and at the same time the smallest mountain Shayanchik grew. The women made further few steps and fell without any strength. Mountain Shayanykha is currently rising up there.

Later, the mineral water flowered from the bottom of the mountains which has been filling the blood with health and strength.

Nowadays, the village of Shayan is surrounded by three mountains: Shayan, Shayanycha, and Shayanchık (known as Great Shayan, Middle and Small Shayan).

The exceptional quality of mineral waters, beautiful landscapes and a favourable climate contribute to the rapid development and popularization of the resort.

The climate of Shayan can be defined as a climate of mountain hollows. Its territory is surrounded by mountains (height 350-440 meters). A ridge of volcanic mountains, that are surrounding the resort, protects it from mountain winds and valley drafts, which helps to create a local microclimate with almost windless mild weather, often different from the climate of the nearby Tysa River and mountain ranges.

The average annual temperature is 8.7 ° С.

The hottest months are July and August.

Absolute maximum temperature of the air - 40 ° C, absolute minimum - minus 30 ° C.

The average annual rainfall is 1029 mm.

During your stay in “Salamandra” 

you have an opportunity to participate in various interesting guided tours. Everyone who have ever visited this region, can agree that there are just few places in Europe like this, with the same quality of territory landscaping. 

The nature of Transcarpathia is extremely rich and beautiful. More than 2000 species of plants (under the law of vertical distribution of vegetation) grow here. Furthermore, our region is well-known for its flora (over 300 species) of different exotic plants.

  • Relaxation

    - lounge zone
    - sauna with swimming pool
    - outdoor open pool

  • Leisure

    - cafe bar
    - barbecue
    - library

  • Service

    - parking (free), transfer (add. fee)
    - playground
    - WiFi

Shayan mineral water

It is a hydrocarbonate sodium mineral water, which, due to the content of various organic compounds, has choleretic and diuretic properties, actively affects the metabolism of potassium and sodium, as well as the basic metabolism of an organism.

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