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Organization of the tours in Carpathian region


Organization of excursions and tours in the Carpathian region Tours
  • The Transcarpathian Hutsul region is a special ethnic region of Ukraine, one of the richest in the spiritual and material cultures.
  • Uzhgorod city is the regional center of Transcarpathia.
    You can visit such interesting and famous places and monuments as Uzhgorod castle, Greek Catholic cathedral, Jewish quarter, Austro-Hungarian part of the city, Roman Catholic church, mini-sculptures, the lighthouse “Transcarpathian fleet”, linden alley, wine lehi XVII century and others.
  • Lake Synevir - the pearl of Transcarpathia. The deepest and largest mountain lake in Ukraine, and also the most famous lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians, which is located in the headwaters of the Terebly River.
    Synevir is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine.
  • Solotvino - the land of salt miners. The water of the salt lakes of Solotvino is similar in its healing properties to the waters of the Dead Sea.
    In addition to the famous lakes in Solotvyno, there are also equally famous salt mines. There are going to be treated for asthma, tuberculosis and other diseases of the respiratory tract.
    Should visit Solekopaleny Museum of History, Gorodishche (ІІ-І century BC), old tale of the Roman Empire (І-ІІ centuries), etc.
  • Other walking and cycling excursions around the pension.

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